A tale of a traffic sign

traffic signs or road signs not only conveys information to the road users, these have also become essential for the highways and streets following the pressure of traffic in the past decade or so. For a stranger, it is these signs that pave the way for the destination. One cannot image a world without these signs. Where signs could vary from signifying speed limit or some basic information like a bumpy road ahead, these have really been the part and parcel of the roads. Standardized forms of signs are followed within a country but these signs are usually vary from one country to another in their appearance and color-coding. However, within the country, the signs are the same and do not vary, for example traffic signs toronto area has are all the same throughout with respect to their color and appearance. Besides the text on the signs, the pictorial signs are almost all the same throughout the world. Pictorial signs are based on world acknowledged and accepted international protocols and these remain the same with respect to color or text (usually in English) in order to mark a similarity with the signs worldwide.

Bearing rain, storm, or even bad weather, these signboards save lives of many by not only showing them the way but also guiding them about the distance. Once erected, the signs remain for years and become part of the way. These are generally used to sign danger warnings, show direction, position, or indicate some special regulation or prohibitory or restrictive area or these may sign about information on facilities or some service.

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