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Modern Home Design: Elegant and Contemporary

By , June 15, 2012 8:07 am

By Alexandra Jacobs

Modern home designs are most often seen in upscale communities, resorts or urban locations like Manhattan, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. The actual home design will vary based on the architecture favored in the immediate vicinity. Often homes will be a mixture of the modern aesthetic and local style. These are sometimes called transitional homes.


The features of a modern home tend to be clean lines, simple materials, a strong orientation toward the view. The interiors of a modern home have an open plan that is used to create large rooms. Usually the home will be focused outward toward a view. This is amplified by the installation of window walls and the ability to open the home to the landscape through large mobile glass doors.


Because part of the modern aesthetic is the orientation toward the view, you will find many modern homes are elevated or perched on hillsides. Often the engineering of the house is part of its appeal and it is common to see stilts, piers, and massive steel girders supporting the house so that the view can be maximized. This type of focus tends to make the construction of modern style homes more expensive than other styles.

In urban locations the modern style is created using the same geometric exterior shapes, the extensive use of glass and commercial construction materials. The clean simplicity of modern style pairs well with the fast pace of city living and often modern features are simply considered updated amenities in better buildings. It is common to use flat roofs as garden space or entertainment decks and for buildings to offer common areas that are sleek, expensive and elegant.


City living is expensive and this translates into high square footage prices. When your home looks and feels like it has more than enough space, this becomes a luxury statement. Because your work environment is likely to be crowded and busy, the empty simple lines of your modern style home becomes a refuge and retreat. This is one of the reasons the modern style home is so popular in city environments, if you have the space and the great view it means you are doing well.


Large window walls borrow from the surrounding view adding visual space and living art to a home. If your home overlooks a city area, your windows will be an ever-changing landscape. In a well-designed modern home you can leave your windows bare because they will not be positioned so that neighbors can see inside your home. This gives your home a sense of privacy and exclusivity.




Alexandra is a travel enthusiast who loves to write about tourism, beaches, food, and the wonderful things in the world.  She provides her own insights on vacationing to the blogosphere.  If you would like to learn more about her, follow her @alexsjourneys or visit her blog




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Decorative Lighting to Compliment your Decor

By , April 30, 2012 7:12 am

Every home accessory adds to the style of a home or garden, but few affect the decorative style, mood at atmosphere of a home like the right lighting fixtures. A single lighting fixture can establish the look and feel of the entire space. As important as it is to consider the functional aspects of a lighting fixture to ensure that it emits the right amount of direct, indirect or ambient light, it’s as important make sure that the fixture complements the decorative style of the space as well.

Whether it’s a chandelier, ceiling light, floor lamp or a complete lighting suite, lighting fixtures should enhance a room’s decor. Lighting fixtures can serve as unifying elements, with coordinated finishes, materials or colours that reinforce a room’s existing design style. The right lighting fixture can establish the style of the space as well, with a distinctive design that makes a strong style statement.

Lighting plays a particularly important role when it comes to homes and gardens decorated in modern design schemes. Modern designers rightly view lighting fixtures as opportunities to express their artistic vision. From a large-scale pendant lighting fixture to an arcing floor lamp, to pools of light emitted by sleek, recessed down lights to sculptural wall sconces bathing a wall in indirect light, lighting fixtures in the modern style are among the strongest design elements in a contemporary room’s decor.

There’s no need to wait to furnish a home in contemporary style either. People can find modern lighting available to buy online at Next Day Lighting, ensuring that their fixture will be delivered safely and promptly. With over 15 years of experience, Next Day Lighting has the expertise as well as the extensive inventory necessary to meet every client’s specific lighting needs.

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Show love to your pet with a pet monument

By , December 16, 2011 9:53 am

A pet is not just a true friend of humankind always but it has also served humankind like no other relentlessly. Humans may demand something or the other in return for their service but a pet, be it a dog or any animal, never does. It has always silently served to humans. Man also has always cared and kept pets like other humans. Sometimes it is even more than that. In some cases, pets have a higher status and are taken more care than others are. So do the stories of love of humans towards their pets has been well known. Stories where the pet dies in the lifetime of his master have been the most melancholic of all. This love knows no boundaries and no age. However, pets have a shorter life than that of humans and thus it is humans who bear the pain of departing with their pet in their lifetime.

However, it is an uneasy time for them but they reluctantly accept it. It is in the memory of the pets that some people erect pet monuments or tombstones. The graves of the pets are given the same sanctity as that of the humans and every care is taken that the pets rest in peace in the grave. pet monuments toronto has, are some of the best in the world with respect to their design and the epitaphs written on them. The gravestones are intricately designed and the grave of the pet is given the same grace as that of a human.

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A tale of a traffic sign

traffic signs or road signs not only conveys information to the road users, these have also become essential for the highways and streets following the pressure of traffic in the past decade or so. For a stranger, it is these signs that pave the way for the destination. One cannot image a world without these signs. Where signs could vary from signifying speed limit or some basic information like a bumpy road ahead, these have really been the part and parcel of the roads. Standardized forms of signs are followed within a country but these signs are usually vary from one country to another in their appearance and color-coding. However, within the country, the signs are the same and do not vary, for example traffic signs toronto area has are all the same throughout with respect to their color and appearance. Besides the text on the signs, the pictorial signs are almost all the same throughout the world. Pictorial signs are based on world acknowledged and accepted international protocols and these remain the same with respect to color or text (usually in English) in order to mark a similarity with the signs worldwide.

Bearing rain, storm, or even bad weather, these signboards save lives of many by not only showing them the way but also guiding them about the distance. Once erected, the signs remain for years and become part of the way. These are generally used to sign danger warnings, show direction, position, or indicate some special regulation or prohibitory or restrictive area or these may sign about information on facilities or some service.

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Are you buying furniture? You should read this…

Thinking of decorating your home? Here is a great guide for you that can save many dollars for you in buying furniture. Where toronto furniture stores have all the items of your need you should be aware of what you are buying and is the cost of the item worth it. Keeping only a few details in mind can save you from a lot of trouble and repentance.

The first thing you should look for in buying furniture is too make an informed decision. Watch out if the furniture is really needed at your home or office. Secondly, make an analysis of the price of the item and what kind of wood (if it a wooden furniture) that has been used in it. Moreover, this is the most important thing that will help you decide whether what you are buying is worth it.

Thirdly, give a thought to the use the furniture will be put to. Suppose if it is for rigorous use, such as for the reception area or lounge, make sure you choose the sturdy ones. For home as well try to assess what and how much the furniture will be used in the house. For the bedroom, it is suggested that you should visit to an exclusive bedroom furniture store where you will find only the bedroom furniture of all variety. Thirdly and perhaps, the last is that finalize the terms of sale and warranty if any regarding any breakages or replacement. Keeping these things in consideration before purchase will help make your furniture purchases better and informed.

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Bring life to your home, office with modern furniture

Have you ever wondered what difference is there in an office or house that has been designed by experts and the one that has been designed by novices? It is perhaps not just the appearance but it is far beyond than that. An intricately designed house has all the things of your need at arm’s length. Besides, it will be the most comfortable place to be on earth. Furthermore, it will the most liked place where you want to be in always though you seldom get time to enjoy it following your preoccupations with work or some engagements.

A well designed home or office can be you dream place on earth provided it has the perfect furniture. Where a home can be the perfect and the coziest place with it. An office having the perfect furniture can lead to enhanced productivity and output from the people in the office. The best place way to do this is to visit furniture stores toronto has. From Fantastic Styles to the best furniture you can think of and fall in love with is available here. Besides wide selection, the items are really good. furniture stores toronto in US also has exclusive showrooms where enormous and amazing collection of furniture is displayed. The sales personnel there are also customer friendly and handle customers assessing their exact needs. They have knowledge about every furniture item and are capable of answering any of your questions. Among the items displayed there, one also finds some rare limited editions that are hard to get elsewhere. Besides, they can also make custom order but since custom orders require dedicated work, they could take time to be finally delivered.

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Kitchen Renovation and Designing

By , December 6, 2011 9:33 am

Do you want to improve the look of your kitchen? If you are looking for new design and appeal of your kitchen, it is time to deal with kitchen renovation and try to look for best collection for kitchen decorations and change your old kitchen cabinets. It is possible to start placing new cabinets for your kitchen and have around the best collection on your way. Some home owners are looking for ideal kitchen cabinet collection that is perfect to add on their new kitchen design. Being choosy in placing cabinets is important and you need to place cabinets which are long lasting and made from quality materials. Some are ordering kitchen cabinets which are customized and they will just assemble it on their place.

Designing your kitchen can be a challenging task because you can find it ideal to design your own place. You need to consider not only the design but as well as the cost of the items or decorations that you are planning to add on your kitchen. In choosing cabinets for your kitchen, you need to make sure that things are going appropriately. First, you need to know the best design or motif to use for your kitchen. Think about the color, the size of your kitchen and materials which are best to use in terms of the cabinets. Getting long lasting cabinets can help you a lot in saving money for the future. At least, you don’t need to change your kitchen cabinets every year if you placed high quality cabinets upon your renovation.

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